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See you again in October 2019 :-) 


At the northern end of Palolem beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach you will find the most peaceful and magical place in Goa: Sundowner

Enjoy the open view of the sea with beautiful sunsets in the east and a moonrise over the half-moon silhouette of the beach. Relax with a few cheeky drinks at the bar, stay in one of our comfortable bamboo cottages, treat your taste buds with a grilled catch of the day or delectable pizza, star-gaze while you take a free boat shuttle during high tides or chill and chat by the bonfire.


Namaste guys and a very warm welcome!!


Your Team at Sundowner



Written about in plenty of travel guides, our circular bar makes mingling so much easier. Every day you can find people from all over the world enjoying a cold Kingfisher or fresh coconut water chatting about their lives far back home.

In the coming season we will open a second bar closer to the sunset point which will specialise in cocktails...so just sit back and relax.

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Sundowner comes with a fully equipped kitchen, serving fresh, tasty food all day. With a select menu, ensuring the chef puts his heart and soul into every plate that leaves the kitchen - maybe this is what soul food means.


Soups, salads, tapas, grilled fish and wood fire oven-baked pizzas are some of the things you can treat yourself to. 


In keeping with the green ethos, the four brand new huts located at the sunset area are made entirely with bamboo. Delightful views of the sea, tastefully done up interiors and a comfortable bed are exactly what you need after all the sunshine, fresh juices and one too many Old Monks.

Yoga & Massages

As stated by The Times of India, the rocks surrounding the area of Sundowner are the oldest in India, approx. 3.4 billion years old.  Unsurprisingly there is a magical energy and sense of calm at Sundowner. What better place to practice yoga at, than this! We offer two Yoga sessions per day: In the morning and at sunset. Additionally you can also treat yourself to a healing massage in our brand new massage room: available all day, by appointment.

The Story Behind

15 years ago, three truck-loads of bamboo sticks arrived at Palolem Beach along with a young man from Belgaum called Jojo. Sundowner was born...


Our Sustainable Ethos

Sustainable and environmentally neutral: our challenge and our pride, achieved by combining the most modern systems from all over the world. 


Weddings & more

We did it, our friends did it and many other couples have done it too - get married in paradise. We will make your big day truly special.