09th September 2020 - Press Release

Hey Friends of Sundowner,


We’ve been quiet, haven’t we?


Normally at this time of the year we would give you an update about our exciting plans for the next season. As we’ve all witnessed, in these ‘special’ times, plans have gone awry and things have changed. After much deliberation, we are sad to say we will not be opening in the upcoming season.


It must be stressed how difficult it was for us to make this decision – after all we are a bunch of eternal optimists, but we needed to be realistic as well. We believe it is the best and the most honest decision we can take at this point in time with all the uncertainty looming around.


But not all is doom and gloom! We will use this opportunity to really review ever little detail and plan lots of exciting stuff for when we eventually open. We would like to say a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each and every guest for the support and love you continue to give us. What would we do without you? It’s only because of you that we are able to still keep our positive hats on and ensure the wellbeing of our staff, who are unable to work in these difficult times. We can’t wait to see you in the season 2021 -22 with the same unforgettable Sundowner experience which you know and love.


We will miss you. Onwards an upwards.


Your Sundowner Family 

23rd September 2018 - Press Release

A new lease of life for Sundowner


Following the sudden demise of Jojo, the man responsible for the conception of Sundowner 13 years ago, Sundowner underwent a period of transition in the season of 2016-17. With talks of new rights of management and ownership underway but not quite completed, the existing facilities which were limited to a bar, were used in that season. 

From 1st September 2017 the rights of management were handed to a German entrepreneur, Kim Fabian Wichmann. Sundowner was given a new lease of life with sustainability being at the heart of the developments. Led by Kim, who was assisted by his wife, Ritika, Sundowner was given a complete revamp while still retaining the laidback ambience and energy that was much loved and had come to be synonymous with the place. The old facilities were removed and new facilities built in place to convert Sundowner into a sustainable place and extend it's offerings. Some key infrastructural developments:


Power management:

A key technology helping Sundowner achieve its green ambitions is a combination of a modern solar and battery system by Goan company Sun360. This modular system provides a reliable and constant supply of power to run all facilities and electrical devices. And all done while being kind to Mother Earth.


Water management:

A sewage treatment plant was installed which cleans sewage into water for natural usage. Together with an ultra-filtration and an integrated ozone system the water is cleaned for re-utilization.


Waste management:

Sundowners waste gets separated after the usage. While an Ecoman Foodie transforms organic waste into soil, Sundowner is also part of several recycling programs to minimize its footprint. 


Besides these key technologies a new bat with an improvised menu and an open kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven in the center was also designed and built last season. Brand new, modern restrooms were built for customers. 


In the upcoming season of 2018-19, major improvements and developments are in progress to further extend Sundowner's offerings. Four premium-quality, brand new, sea-facing cottages will be available for occupation. A restaurant with a fully functional kitchen and an eclectic menu specializing in sea food and non-Indian cuisine will be available for customers to relish. An additional cocktail bar, operational only in the evening hours will be established closer to the sunset point. During daytime sunbeds and loungers on the beach will be on offer along with three Yoga classes and healing massages in the new massage room.

Furthermore, a free boat shuttle operating during high tides from and to the beach will be available.


On his vision for Sundowner, Kim says ''Being able to realize our ideas in a place like this, is an honor and a blessing. However, we who experience this privilege have at least  the responsibility of using our resources to rebuild the Sundowner on the premises of sustainability and environmental neutrality.  On this basis we want to be good hosts and exceed the expectations of our guests for an unforgettable stay on our Sundowner.''


The Sundowner opens its bar and restaurant on 25th October following with the brand new cottages on 01st November.

02nd September 2018 - What's coming next

My dear friends,

after our summer break I'm happy to announce that we will open the bar on 20th October, following with our renovated restuarant on the 25th October and finally our brand new 4 cottages on 1st November. YESssss!!!

AND we will open a second bar closer to the sunset point where you can also find cocktails on the menu:-)  

What else is new? This season we offer 3 times per day Yoga lessons and 'Healing Massages' in our new massage room with sea view.


There are also some news about our green way: Of course we want to be hip, we want to be fun, we want to be exotic and authentic, we want to create a comfortable home for you in your holidays and we want to be Goa as you know it, but -and this is most important for us- sustainable and as environmentally neutral as possible!

Last year we installed the most modern solar & battery system that is available on the market in combination with an ecological sewage system. This season we care about a constant water supply. Before we open the cottages we will install a reverse osmosis system together with an UV-disinfection that runs 100% on solar and provides all our customers fresh water.


So far the news. Oh, just one more thing: Maybe you wonder about the lack of pictures and more suppages on our website. We will change that of course, but first we want to build everything up again. 


I'm looking forward to a great and impressive new season at our Sundowner in Goa with you guys!! I'm sure we gonna have fun!!:-)



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