Our Sustainable Ethos

The Sundowner is a business like any other business in the world : We invested money and we want to have it back....even with a huuuge profit :)

But what's more important is that we care about Mother Earth, so sustainability and environmental neutrality is at the core of our ethos. Find out more about our green initiatives here: 


One of India's upcoming stars in the sustainability industry is the Goan solar company Sun360. Together we designed a combination of solar panels & batteries, covering power consumption for all our electronic devices & facilities. 

Additionally, we have a highly energy efficient generator as a backup, for when the sun doesn't shine (the chances of that happening are slim!) 


Trash is a problem in most parts of the country and India has only just started to care about it. And to be honest, we don't know what happens exactly with our rubbish after it gets picked up. But we do all we can:  

  • Reduce: The usage of unnecessary products like plastic straws
  • Reuse: Water from our sewage systems 
  • Recycle: Separation of trash (paper, glass, plastic and metal), making it easier for the garbage collector. Organic waste and food leftovers get turned into compost using Ecoman Foodie.

Water & Sewage

Constant supply of water while being off the grid is a challenge despite innovative ways to treat water and sewage. But we have finally found a way that works for us:

Water is sourced from the sea and/or our well and gets treated in a system that combines a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, an Ultra Filtration (UF) system and an UV disinfection system

After usage the sewage gets treated in the "Venus" Sewage Treatment Plant. Either the treated water is disposed back into the sea or used for watering the plants. 

And all of this with the power of the sun! 

Our Employees

We care. Our employees earn double of what they would earn at other locations on the beach, they get 100% of the tip and at the end of the season a bonus of one month's salary. So there is enough money to go on holidays in a foreign country, to sign up for an insurance or just for not having to work 365 days a year. 

Our employees are motivated and happy because we treat them fair. We are transparent and explain decisions. But more importantly, we educate: daily lessons in written and spoken english, mathematics or general science. We want to make employees better, prepare them for their professional future and a realistic chance to raise a family without poverty.

The Story Behind

15 years ago, three truck-loads of bamboo sticks arrived at Palolem Beach along with a young man from Belgaum called Jojo. Sundowner was born...

Weddings & More

We did it, our friends did it and many other couples have done it too - get married in paradise. We will make your big day truly special.