Getting Married In Paradise

The ambience and scenery at Sundowner make for a perfect location for any special event: weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, engagements, vow renewals etc. 

We did it at the Sundowner, our friends did it and many other couples have done it. No divorces so far :)

We will help you realise your dreams for your big day - regardless of the scale or event. Having contacts with specialists (photographers, weddings planers, make up artists etc.), you can rest assured your visions will be a reality. 


View this gallery to get a taste of what your special day could look like: 

The Story Behind

15 years ago, three truck-loads of bamboo sticks arrived at Palolem Beach along with a young man from Belgaum called Jojo. Sundowner was born...

Our Sustainable Ethos

Sustainable and environmentally neutral: our challenge and our pride, achieved by combining the most modern systems from all over the world.